Training and Management Can Set Businesses Apart: Lessons from Roadside Restaurants

During his frequent business trips across India, Ashok had the opportunity to explore various roadside restaurants. On a recent journey from Bengaluru to Chennai, he encountered a compelling illustration of how training and effective management can dramatically influence the success of such establishments. Contrasting Experiences: “Traveler’s Delight” and “Highway Cuisine” Ashok’s journey commenced with a breakfast stop at Traveler’s Delight, nestled along the Bengaluru-Chennai Highway. Upon entering the restaurant, he was immediately struck by the lively atmosphere. Despite the bustling activity, it operated seamlessly, resembling a well-orchestrated symphony. Tables were brimming with diners, yet an air of contentment prevailed. The…

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The Significance of Grounded Leadership: Fostering Communication and Success

In a compelling case study, a prominent Indian IT consulting and services multinational found itself vying against industry titans for a lucrative, long-term project from a global financial powerhouse. Despite fierce competition, the company secured victory in a grueling bidding war by pledging to deliver the project at a substantially reduced cost compared to its rivals. In a bid to ensure even a marginal profit, the organization was compelled to undertake the project with a considerably leaner workforce. While the upper echelons of leadership celebrated their hard-fought triumph, the sentiment on the ground was decidedly less optimistic. Within the team,…

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Employee Performance Appraisal: A Tool for Success

As March comes, it marks the end of the financial year for many countries like the UK, India, and Japan. For businesses, this is the time to review and close their business accounts. For employees, it is about completing their performance appraisals and gearing up for increments and promotions. Sathish is a software developer working in an Indian IT multinational corporation (MNC) in Hyderabad. This is his second appraisal cycle after graduating from college, and he is eager to receive feedback on his performance and set goals for the future. However, he is busy with project deliverables and works late…

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